Specialization in field of engineering construction

Design of construction solution

Design of product, machine part or whole machine from first idea to final complet.

Production documentation

Fabrication of documentation according to requirements, standards and experienced procedure.

Visualization in 3D enviroment

Creation of construction solution according to input analysis after comments and wishes of customer.


Refurbishment and improvements  of existing machine.

Data digitalization

Redrawing of existing machine or drawing documentation to virtual 3d model.


To raise own capacities or ipmrove the company´s performance.

Dimensioning of frame structures

Provide of complete computational documentation for  specific frame construction.

Production automation

Adjustment of manualy controlled device to semi-automatic device or  fully automatic device.


Teaching of designers to experienced procedure.


See below few examples of our work for visualization.

Laboratory devices

Simple machines

Single-purpose machines


CNC machines

Stage technology